31 Ways to Back British Farming in January

Make a commitment to buy British food in 2021.

Show you care about where your food comes from and how it is produced. To help kick-start January, we've a number of ways for you to make a real difference. Click on the links below to skip to a particular section.

Make a resolution | Download the 31 ways to Back British Farming calendar | Download shareable infographics | Why should I buy British?

31 Ways to Back British Farming this January

Start your January right. Download our interactive calendar by clicking on the image below, and get involved now. 

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Why should I buy British?

The Environment: British farmers are world leaders in producing climate-friendly food. Buying British means supporting farmers who are committed to reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions across the whole of agriculture in England and Wales by 2040.

Health and wellbeing: British farmers produce world-leading food which is tasty and good for you. Eating seasonal British fruit and vegetables provides us with the nutrients and minerals that our bodies need at different times of the year. Along with British meat and dairy, it all adds up to a healthy, balanced diet. 

Animal welfare: British food is produced to some of the highest welfare standards in the world. British farmers follow best practice guidelines determined by experts and are based on science.

Supporting local businesses: The British food and farming industry creates a massive 4.1 million jobs. Buying British means supporting our economy; everyone from the farmers in the fields, to those who work in food processing and the shops, pubs and restaurants who sell the food. 

Countryside custodians: The Great British countryside is iconic. By taking the pledge you are supporting British farmers who protect and enhance the British countryside by maintaining habitats for native plants and animals, looking after footpaths, protecting watercourses and supporting wildlife species. 

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