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Woolly wonders - Angela Wright, artist in wool

Woolly wonders - Angela Wright, artist in wool

Angela Wright Instalation Southwark Cathedral_275_

Angela Wright graduated from Camberwell College of Art in 1995 after gaining a BA in Fine Art and Ceramics.

Angela Wright Instalation Southwark Cathedral_275_

Having also studied at the London College of Fashion, Angela ran a successful business designing dresses for clients including Liberty of London.

Angela has completed many works with wool and her installations have travelled the world in celebration of the Campaign for Wool. Her latest installation, called ‘40 Days’, is currently in place at Southwark Cathedral during Lent.

“Ideas develop as studio sketches and tests, but are only fully realised in a suitable context – the final work is made on-site and inevitably changes its location’s meanings,” she explains.

Angela Wright Instalation Southwark Cathedral_275_

The Campaign for Wool is important to Angela as it highlights what a wonderful resource wool is. “It has made us consider what we would lose and how much our countryside would change for the worse if sheep farming disappeared.”

Angela’s latest installation is made from wool that was grown in 40 different countries and was processed at Haworth Scouring Company in Bradford. Yarn has come from the Campaign for Wool’s major contributors – the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the USA, Viking Wool from Norway and Real Shetland Wool.

So, what makes wool such a great material to work with? “I love the colour and properties of natural wool and its behaviour is so forgiving; despite being crated for six months it springs into life immediately,’ says Angela. Angela Wright wool art_275_206

‘Its softness, light reflectiveness, springiness and density, the parallelism of wool hanks and the curves of their hanging, compliment the stone and architecture of churches and cathedrals. Lots of conversations arise in response to my wool installations; we all have individual memories of wool, sheep and lambs that stimulate associations and talking points. Though my works include memories, they do not directly illustrate subject matter and are open to many interpretations.”

Angela Wright wool art_275_206

Despite having worked with wool for many years and created installations all over the world, Angela still feels there are more installations to come. “Just when I think that I may have to put the wool to bed for the time being I begin to see completely different ways of using it relative to new locations and galleries." 

Angela Wright wool art_275_330

For further information about the Campaign for Wool visit:

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