Life cycles

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With spring on the horizon, join us as we tour Upper Walton Farm during lambing season and find out all about the life cycles of some of the animals on the farm. Use our life cycles cards to think about how it all fits together and test your baby animal knowledge with our Baby Baby Baby quiz.


  1. Watch the video below to learn all about life cycles.

  2. Now you can test your knowledge with our quiz - do you know the correct name for each animal's offspring?

  3. Finally, print off these life cycle cards and arrange each animal into the correct order. If you've not got a printer or if you are feeling creative, why not make your own life cycle cards?

We'd love to see your ideas and designs. You can send them to bGV0c3RhbGtmYXJtaW5nQG5mdS5vcmcudWs=, and if you enjoy this activity, check out the current Farmvention challenges over at

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