Design a farm machine of the future

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Dip into our Farmvention archive and get your inventing cap on. This challenge is all to do with Agritech, which is a term used to describe the incredible technology used in farming. Think ahead to 2040, what might technology look like?

The challenge: design a farm machine of the future

Some of the problems farmers face are:

  • Not having enough people to pick some types of crops by hand

  • Heavy machinery squashes the soil and stops plants from growing

  • Tractor drivers get tired having to work round the clock at harvest time

  • Farmers want to protect the environment

Things to think about

  • What job will it do on the farm?
  • How will it be different from the machines we see today?
  • What type of fuel will be used in the future?
  • How will it help the environment?
  • How will it save farmers time and energy?
  • Will the tractor be driverless?

How could you present your design?

It’s up to you what your design looks like. Here are just some suggestions, but whatever you choose to do, don't forget we'd love to see your ideas and designs. Send them to bGV0c3RhbGtmYXJtaW5nQG5mdS5vcmcudWs=

  • A video showing an explanation of the design, any research that has been done and any specific problems the design solves
  • Pictures – either hand drawn or digital
  • An advertisement or pitch of the final design
  • A PowerPoint or Prezi Presentation
  • Photographs of models/prototypes made using recycled materials, construction toys or robotics kits

The sky is the limit and we definitely encourage creativity!

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