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Veg Power are launching a new campaign which aims to encourage kids to love their veg. A new national advertising campaign will be launched on ITV at the end of January, and a high-profile celebrity, chefs, food writers and bloggers all getting involved to share some exciting ways to eat more veg.

Veg Power_60282According to research by Veg Power, 80% of children don’t eat enough vegetables. To combat this they have launched a massive advertising campaign in the hope of not only encouraging kids to eat more vegetables but also changing their attitude towards them.

A different vegetable will be featured each week during the campaign which runs until mid-April and lots of retailers will be getting involved by giving veg premium positions in store and running price promotions.

There are lots of easy ways you can get involved in the campaign:

  • Look out for special promotions of veg when you’re shopping
  • Try out a new recipe using veg of the week – it might be the new family favourite. And it doesn’t need to be savoury either!
  • Encourage your kids to try and eat the rainbow by eating 5 different coloured veg every day – download the rainbow chart here.
  • Get creative! Make wonky veg monsters with your kids or grandchildren and share photos on your social media #vegpower
  • Download and print the campaign posters: there are a whole set of eye-catching posters available to download for free. Kids will love to collect the set and put them up in their bedroom
  • Praise your kids for taking part and print out a reward chart which they can use to record new veg they try

    For more information on the campaign, visit Veg Power's website

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