Ordinary Food is Good Enough

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AHDB's latest campaign, "Ordinary Food is Good Enough", sets out to encourage people to choose a healthy balanced diet, which includes all food groups. The campaign highlights how media noise about fad diets is magnified through social media and can become overwhelming, when actually an optimal diet for nutrient intake is a balanced one.

Get involved

AHDB is urging everyone to help spread this message by sharing this 30-second video on social media to help create a groundswell that will help cut through the mixed messages in the media about food, nutrition and diets. 

Remember to use the hashtag #OrdinaryFood and link to in your social media posts to help the campaign gain momentum.

How to share the video: Simply click on the 'SHARE' arrow and choose the appropriate social media channel.

Last edited: 13 February 2020 at 14:14

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