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We have created a new car sticker to enable you to show your support for British food and farming.

Never has it been more important for us to support our local shops and communities. In the past few weeks, businesses up and down the country have diversified, adapted and branched out into new services like home delivery and click and collect to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

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If you have recently submitted your details for a car sticker, we've got your request. We're working our way through lots of orders and aim to get your sticker to you within 14 days from when you submitted the form.

Once your car sticker arrives, send us a photo of it in use by emailing YmFja2JyaXRpc2hmYXJtaW5nQG5mdS5vcmcudWs= or send it to us on social media to help encourage others to get involved.

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Kathreen Dunn-Grimshaw - 19/09/2020 09:45:14

We must help our farmers because we DO have the best produce in the world ?

jan kerr - 19/05/2020 21:26:58


Elizabeth Jackson - 18/05/2020 20:48:43

I always buy British. Look forward to receiving car sticker

William Marshall - 18/05/2020 18:21:36

If Coronavirus has taught us anything, we should be supporting British farmers and growers so as to be less dependent on imports that we can grow in the UK - as well as maintaining high standards of health and welfare.

Hugh Sawyer - 18/05/2020 17:36:31

Just one example why British is best: is there anything to beat our asparagus at this wonderful time of the year?

Ms J Woodward - 18/05/2020 10:05:03

Keep up the good work and us well fed. Thank you!!!

Leslie Scaife - 18/05/2020 07:32:05

I want to see ALL food coming from abroad clearly marked to indicate the country of origin. In my opinion there is no food better than that produced by British farmers.

Susan - 17/05/2020 18:28:21

I love British meat , simple as that

Jo Otero - 17/05/2020 17:51:36

I’m definitely backing British farming!

Mrs J.A. Walton - 17/05/2020 17:28:54

Brilliant idea, I volunteer in our local community shop which supports local farmers and food outlets where ever we can.

Carol head - 17/05/2020 17:18:32

We should endeavour to buy and patronise British farmers and British food restaurants.

Norman Venner - 17/05/2020 17:02:36

I have got one already this is for my wife's car

Isla Griffiths - 17/05/2020 16:28:18

We should all back iur British farmets

Caroline Bowles-Robinson - 17/05/2020 16:14:49

We are a specialist grass fed Dexter cattle farm and thank the local customers for their support.

Dorothy Parsons - 17/05/2020 15:59:41

As a family we have friends that farm.

Janet Davies - 17/05/2020 15:56:09

I always check origin when buying fruit, veg, dairy & meat etc, then I know I’m getting the best!

Helen Smith - 17/05/2020 15:38:45

Will display the sign in my car.

John Osborn - 17/05/2020 15:38:07

British food is among the best in the world and without a lot of the chemicals used by other countries not too mention its humane treatment of animals is a safer and healthier product than many other countries.

Daphne Rodrigues - 17/05/2020 15:20:20

Britsh food every time

Angela Davis - 17/05/2020 14:51:48

i always British when i can

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