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If you’ve ever wanted to know more about where your food comes from – or simply want to treat the kids to a great day out, Open Farm Sunday could be for you.

Hundreds of farms all over the country will once again open their gates for this year’s Open Farm Sunday on 12th June. You’re invited to visit your local farm and learn first-hand what it means to be a farmer, where your food comes from, and the high standards it’s produced to.

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The family-friendly event is a great opportunity for members of the public, young and old, to discover how farmers are committed to sustainability, biodiversity, animal welfare, and enhancing our iconic countryside. 

This year’s theme is the many health benefits that can be found on-farm, including healthy ecosystems, healthy food, and the mental health benefits of our great outdoors.

While two years of Covid restrictions saw many of the events going online and then limited numbers at in-person events in 2021, this June marks the return of a full event. Prior to the pandemic, more than 350 farmers and landowners opened their farms across Britain, with some 250,000 visitors attending.

Each farm will offer something unique, based around the farm’s individual story. This can range from small farms with self-guided walks to large open days with trailer rides, demonstrations, and fun activities for children. Activities differ from farm to farm and may include things like: a farm walk, nature trail, tractor and trailer rides, demonstrations, pond dipping, activities for children, a mini farmers’ market or farm shop.

Suffolk Strawberries prove a hit

Around 350 people attended the Open Farm Sunday event at Lindsey Lodge Farm in Suffolk in 2019. The farm is a small horticultural business growing strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.

As well as tours around the farm, activities in 2019 included mini trailer rides for children, pond dipping with local experts, tasting and comparing different varieties of strawberries, moth trapping results supervised by the RSPB, and drinks and cakes sold in aid of the village church.

Grower Andrew Sturgeon said: “Open Farm Sunday is a great opportunity to show people where their food comes from and how it’s grown, particularly for us, since we sell all of our produce in Suffolk. It’s a chance for people to see what goes on beyond the farm gate, including how we, and other farmers, look after the natural environment. We may not have big tractors and animals, which children like to see, but visitors do get the opportunity to sample lots of strawberries!”

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