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    British farmers are in a unique position to help the UK reach its Net Zero ambition by 2050. Indeed farmers in England and Wales have a goal of reaching net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 across the whole of agriculture. There are three key ways that farmers can make a big difference:

    • Farmers have a special role managing the land protecting carbon reserves in the soil and vegetation on their farms.
    • To reduce emissions further farmers are working hard to increase their productive efficiency by producing the same quantities of food but with less inputs. 
    • Increasing the production of renewable energy on farm by growing crops that can be fed into anaerobic digesters or harnessing the sun, rain and wind through solar panels, hydro plants and turbines. 

    Find out more and download our net zero report. 

    Hear from farmers

    Hear first hand what British farmers around the country are doing on their farms to achieve net-zero by 2040.

    Llyr Jones, Wales

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    Meet Llyr Jones, an upland farmer in Wales, and find out how he powers his farm without buying any electricity as he harnesses the rainfall in Wales.

    While watching, look out for:

    • What kind of energy do they use to power the farm?
    • How has he used his farm produced electricity to expand his farm?
    • How does he make sure his cattle eat fresh grass every day?
    • Why is it important to look after the peatland on his farm?

    Phil Pearson, Cheshirephil pearson countryside online_81370

    Meet Phil Pearson, a tomato grower, who tells us how he’s made their tomato production carbon negative, with the aim of achieving their net zero targets ahead of time whilst producing tomatoes from March through to Christmas.

    While watching, look out for:

    • How many tomatoes do they produce every year?
    • What is the waste heat, carbon dioxide and exhaust gas emissions used for?
    • What do they use instead of pesticides?
    • How they produce eco-friendly packaging?

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