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Where can I buy British food?

Where can i buy British food?_32385

Choosing British food means you are buying fresh, quality food produced by hardworking British farmers who provide high animal welfare standards, care for the countryside and support our nation's economy.

Eat British food

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Finding country of origin information on food labels can be tricky.

However, the Red Tractor logo is a guarantee you are buying quality food and drink. Combined with the British flag, it’s a sure way to know the produce can be traced back to British farms.

British Lion Eggs_29816The British Lion is the UK’s most successful food safety mark with nearly 90% of UK eggs now produced within the Lion scheme.

Check out our buying guides

Choosing British food means you are buying quality ingredients produced by hardworking British farmers. But buying British food is sometimes easier said than done. Luckily, we’re here to help. Check out our buying guides for the latest information on sourcing policies for own-brand food products.


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Eat with the seasons

You can enjoy fresh, quality produce by buying what’s in season. Eating seasonal produce is a great way to back British farming.

If in doubt – ask

Remember, shopping at a local butcher or independent shop doesn’t guarantee that the food you’re buying is British, so if it’s not clear, it’s best to ask.

Can’t find a seasonal British ingredient on the supermarket shelf, or looking at a menu that’s a bit vague on country of origin? Ask the manager where the food is from – and vote with your feet if you’re not happy with the answer.

Back British Farming

Back British Farming

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